In 1983 Sandra joined up with Richard Prince and Kim Fine to run an experimental "gallery" at 5 Rivington Street in New York City called Spiritual America. The first show was Prince's appropriated photo of a young nude Brooke Shields also called Spiritual America.

The next three shows hung the work of then relatively unknowns Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, Louise Lawler, Walter Robinson, Allan McCollum, Peter Nadin and Sarah Charlesworth.

The gallery was by appointment only, in a bad part of town, nothing was sold and it folded into chaos, then art history, after five months.

The full story of Spiritual America gallery is chronicled in a new book out now. Email for info
, signed copies available here
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Howl Gallery, 6 E. 1st St., NYC. Also at

This is the lightbox Jeff Koons showed at the Spiritual America 1984 POP show, called The New Jeff Koons. It was the only artwork the Whitney Retrospective in 2014 was unable to procure for the show and was intended to be the main entry piece.