Vinyl single cover out on Rhino Records 11/28/14 to benefit Honor The Treaties with The Doors Ghost Song on flip side

Rare Breed: The Songs of Peter LaFarge

Executive Produced by Sandra Hale Schulman
CD release featuring Johnny Cash, John Trudell, Keith Secola, John Densmore, Felipe Rose, Martha Redbone, Blackfire, Hank III, James Intveld, Dave Roe, Floyd Westerman, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Micki Free & Shea
Available through as a download or on CD with the DVD documentary

NOTE: The publishing of Peter's music has been in dispute for many decades as contracts have been reassigned. The estate of Peter LaFarge is headed up by heir Karen La Farge. As of 2007 the estate recognizes the Nurko family of Alpha Musicana/BMI and EB Marks/BMI (most importantly the Ira Hayes song) as the rightful publishers of Peter's music. ALL QUERIES AND LICENSING SHOULD GO THROUGH THEM.


Slink Productions, 2009
ore of an art film than a straight birth to death documentary, this dreamy, drenched, hallucinatory film tells Dalton's story through archival footage, stills, and quotes from Bob Dylan, Fred Neil, Lacy J. Dalton, and Lenny Kaye. The film has been released with the La Farge documentary.



A Film by Sandra Hale Schulman
Slink Productions / String Theory Media

This documentary features rare photos and film footage that has never been made public. Narrated by Americana artist Kevin Welch. Special thanks to Povy La Farge, Smithsonian Folkways records, James Mullins.

The Ballad of Peter La Farge reveals its protagonist as a complex, haunted writer of complex, haunted songs. Too often minimized merely as a contemporary of Bob Dylan and the writer of the Johnny Cash hit Ira Hayes, the La Farge of this Kevin Welch-narrated short is a fascinating, mystery-shrouded bolt of creativity. Rare photos and original music abound in this one.” – Peter Cooper, The Tennessean

Aug. 31, 2006
Dylan helps remember pair of 'unsung heroes'
By Chris Morris, Hollywood Reporter

With the release of his new album "Modern Times" this week, Bob Dylan has been inescapable in the press. But a short film and an album reissue will put the spotlight on a pair of Dylan's contemporaries on the '60s New York folk scene who have hitherto escaped wide notice, despite their esteemed colleague's expressions of respect.
Writer-director Sandra Hale Schulman's 13-minute mini-documentary "The Ballad of Peter La Farge" shines new light on the titular singer-songwriter, who was called "one of the unsung heroes of his day" by Dylan (who shared a girlfriend with the older singer) in the notes to the 1985 retrospective "Biograph." The film, to be screened in September during the Americana Music Assn. conference in Nashville, prefaces the 2008 release of a tribute album -- and an all-star concert.
La Farge was better known: He recorded for Columbia and Folkways and wrote most of "Bitter Tears," Johnny Cash's 1964 concept album. When Schulman began researching La Farge's life after Cash died, she says she found "all this weird information. ... It was very spotty. It was shocking."
Discovering that most of the available "facts" about La Farge were wrong, Schulman set out making a short film, to be included on a tribute DualDisc. "The Ballad of Peter LaFarge" surveys the musician's life -- his privileged upbringing as the son of Pulitzer-winning novelist Oliver La Farge, his work as an actor and rodeo rider, his meteoric folk career -- coolly and briskly through a photo montage and narration. It will be included with the album "Rare Breed," which will feature tracks by Cash, John Trudell, Hank Williams III and the Doors' John Densmore, among others.


Major theatrical film alert! Academy Award winning director Clint Eastwood directed a film produced by Steven Speilberg called Flags of Our Fathers for 2006 release. This movie follows the story of Ira Hayes and the other 2 soldiers who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. Hayes died at age 32 on his poverty-stricken reservation, as Peter sang "two inches of water in a lonely ditch was a grave for Ira Hayes."
Top Native American actor Adam Beach (Smoke Signals, Windtalkers) plays Ira.

The original La Farge tribute CD by Johnny Cash

Below: At MadDog Studios during the La Farge session with Dusty Wakeman (left) and with Keith Secola,
John Densmore, and Dave Roe (right)


Keith Secola and John Densmore work on "Drums"

Gotta love Dave Roe...Johnny Cash's bass player for 13 years!

John Densmore - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, bestselling author, and now singer!

California cool! James Intveld has a swinging track on the Rare Breed CD

Hank III does a hard core version of Marijuana Blues on Rare Breed

Beat poet/actor/former-activist John Trudell, another Rare Breed kind of guy

The wonderful Felipe Rose has the closing track on Rare Breed

Gorgeous, giving and fierce, Martha Redbone wails on the All-Star Drums track!

Rolling Stone's David Fricke praises Blackfire's La Farge song

Floyd Westerman sings on the All-Star Drums track with Densmore. Since he channeled Jim Morrison's Indian spirit in The Doors movie, it brings this all full-circle. Floyd passed away in December 2007, his tremendous spirit and music live on forever.